Muziris Catering

The Port of South Indian Cuisine

At Muziris, we offer the most authentic South Indian food which has evolved over centuries to perfection. Each of the dishes is prepared with a variety of spices and ingredients to create a distinct and individualize taste. For centuries, some of these spices have been prescribed for their health improving qualities and ancient healing properties.
Muziris was an ancient seaport and urban center in south western India on the river Periyar that existed from around the beginning of the Christian era to the 1300s. Muziris is mentioned in the great classical Tamil Sangha literature and a number of European historical sources. Roman Ships anchored out in the sea and transported their goods in small boats guided by local pilots throughthe canals to Muzhiri Pattanam(Pattanam). From centuries in the past until the 14th, the city was well known to the Arab and especially the Roman sailors who conducted trade with Malabar.

Muziris papyrus

When the Egyptians start trading with Muziris is not known, but a document discovered in Egypt in 1980 and first published in 1985 confirms that by 2nd century CE trade was well established. Muziris papyrus or the Vienna papyrus it is now preserved in a Vienna Museum.

This papyrus document mentions a loan agreement made by an Egyptian merchant and a merchant in Muziris, for exporting Gangetic Nard, ivorys and textiles.

And now we people from ” The Port city of Muziris” ported our traditional cuisine at the port of south Indian cuisine Muziris London , with the taste and fragrance of our traditional spices.